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Good Idea, Bad Presentation.

This movie's idea is really cool. I really liked how you simplified that although today's games are amazing in look, there's that something that returns you to the good old days. But the presentation weren't that stunning: The Lip-Sync, The lack of Backgrounds and no movement at all between the characters.

=== THE GOOD ===
* Funny!
* Happens to everyone
* Good Drawings

=== THE BAD ===
* No Movement at all
* Everything is pixelated and not vector
* Lip Sync is Bad
* Not a Lot of Backgrounds

When Kirby and Flash Meets.

As we first planned this, I wasn't really sure if this works. As a matter of fact this enplanes why I acted like a negative bitch out there. But now my mind is set: We have made a great Kirby collab and it should get more then 3.77.

Epic Menu
Epic Parts (My favourites: Gustavos, FlashFireEX, LiquidOoze and JosephAS1)
Epic music selection
Epic voice acting

Every time you get back to the menu, you gotta see the animation again.

After over 2500 posts at total, this came up as an awesome and epic collab and now I really hate myself for saying what I said about this collabration in the past. Great job guys!

FlashfireEX responds:

Yeah I don't really think a 3 second animation is that bad honestly, unless you're really in a rush. But yeah, this Collab came out great and I really do hope it gets a higher score. Thanks!

April Fools!

Oh, god, how I hate learning bible at school, but these series make it all better.
This messed-up series is halirious, and this episode too.

--- GOOD ---
- Follows the bible story
- Superb art, animation and sound
- Funny

--- BAD ---
This episode kinda short...

--- FINAL ---
Kinda short, but that doesn't really matters though, It's well animated, and funny!

Samination responds:

Yeah, I tried to pad it as much as I could, but the story itself was super short in the bible. However, that was a good thing for me as I didn't have much time to make it. :P

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Cool Idea and gameplay, but thecontrols ruined it.

So Yotam, I see that you have decided to make a game. Let me be the first to say the same thing you said when you clicked on the Heal upgrade: YAY!

The idea of shooting Cats and rocks on other cats was quite original though I think everyone who likes cat real damn bad will say it's an animal abuse but I liked it anyways. I think you should make more upgrades and powerups, though.

Nice art Yotam, this is quite awesome but your voice acting everytime you buy something or use some kind of ingame help is annoying.

But heck, why? Why are the controls so weird and... Bleeeh? It takes a lot of time to get used to. Yes I know you can click a bit further insted of dragging but still it is very hard to aim correctly.

* Superb Gameplay
* Awesome Art
* Great Music
* Nice Idea
* No Glitches

* Hard-to-get-used-to Controls
* Gets hard too quick
* Not a lot of upgrades

Smash Bros Brawl Clone?

I really love SSBB, so much until I finished the story mode 100%.
So anyways, I always like SSBB clones, and this one is one of them.

*** GOOD ***
Great grapics
Great music
Lots of unlockables

*** BAD ***
Punching while moving is extreamly stiff
The view is too small, I died only for searching my char.

I give it 8 because the 2 reason, because they really pissed me off.
Please fix it in Chaos Faction 3.


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